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Hackathon.Bible is a resource site with Bible texts & datasets you can use to build killer apps & new innovations for Bible engagement.

Upcoming Events

Open Components Hackathon 2023

13-17 & 20-24 February 2023 

In Partnership with the ETEN Innovation Lab, collaborate and explore innovative solutions in Bible translation technology as the Open Components community. The first week will be a virtual Learnathon, followed by the Hackathon, where teams will gather in-person or online to hack solutions.


Kingdom Code BUILD

13-14 October 2023 | London

Join Christian technologists from across the UK and Europe to share ideas and kick start projects that integrate our Christian faith and technical skill sets. Learn more


October 2022 | Virtual

This year’s global hackathon has a strengthened emphasis on bringing the Gospel to new people, new places, new spaces! Learn more + watch video.

To host #HACK2022 in your city or participate in a project at a location near you, visit


Get Access to Bible Texts via API

With nearly 2500 Bible versions available across over 1600 languages, API.Bible offers the largest collection of Bibles available.

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Bible Databases and Tables

A big list of websites where you can access the Bible text as datasets for your apps and projects.

Download the Bible via ​API, XML, Text, …

Top 30 Resources for Christian Hackathons

A most useful list for Christian hackathons in various categories, like product research, UX ideas, ​Christian APIs & tools, General APIs & tools, and design.

Where will you launch your Bible app site?

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Bible sites and Bible apps using a .BIBLE domain name immediately communicate who you are and what you do. A .BIBLE URL has tactical, missional and brand-related value for your projects. 


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