Get.Bible is coming to the San Francisco Bay area hackathon on September 23-25, 2016, hosted by Leadership Network and Code for the Kingdom! The best Bible engagement website or app will win a .BIBLE domain name with value up to $10,000! This is an excellent opportunity for coders, software developers, technologists, entrepreneurs, and people who love the Bible! Learn more at

Get.Bible is the official website of the .BIBLE top-level domain registry operated by American Bible Society, that makes it possible to have domain names ending in .BIBLE as the internet namespace to be a trusted online source for all things Bible.

With the internet getting bigger every day, how will people find what your Bible website or app? The best way to reach people is a memorable, meaningful, and short .BIBLE domain name! Learn more at Get.Bible .

About Code for the Kingdom

Code for the Kingdom is a weekend hackathon and ongoing ecosystem where global issues are tackled from a Christian perspective. Join an incredible group of individuals who are applying their skills and experiences to advance common good and serve God’s Kingdom. In collaboration with innovative nonprofits and churches, we’ll write code and create technology to help release the oppressed, teach God’s Word, heal the sick, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and support the church and the body of Christ. Make a difference by writing much-needed code or designing beautiful interfaces. Find a community of peers who want to have fun while serving the Lord.


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