Press Release for Developer Community

Recently, American Bible Society coordinated efforts between their API.BIBLE service and their Registry managing the .BIBLE gTLD (generic top-level domain) to make the free Scripture API from API.BIBLE available without the limits to any service calling from a .BIBLE domain name for non-commercial use.

Making the Scriptures readily available on your website or in the app you’re building requires two parallel efforts. First is what version(s) of the Bible do you want to make available, and getting permission or rights to use those versions from the publisher. The second is how to technically gain access to the text in a way that is fast, scalable, and does not require future updating.

While publishers need to be compensated for the use of the text so they can continue to afford to make it available and distribute it, they are usually open to organizations using the text at no cost on websites or in products when it’s for non-commercial use – when they’re not just trying to make money or grow their own business. This usually requires a conversation with the publisher(s) to discuss what you’re using the Bible text for, and what your goals are for the website or product you’re using the Bible text on.

Once you have been granted permission to use the text, there is the question of access to it on the backend of your website or product. Where to pull the text from, how much text can be pulled at once, how often text can be pulled, and balancing that with caching to increase performance. This backend integration is usually done by connecting to an API for the text, and that creates an external dependency that you want to make sure will be reliable and scalable.

Of course, from the perspective of the Bible API provider, they need to protect against “bad actors” or “abusive users” who may deliberately (or ignorantly) send unnecessarily large volumes of calls to the API, and degrade the availability, reliability and stability of the API for everyone else. To account for this API providers place limits on how many calls can be made to the API from a single source or account, and how much data can be requested in a call. Unfortunately, there are legitimate reasons for higher call volumes from “good users” and these limits are inhibiting.

Lifting the limits for website and products making calls from .BIBLE domains to API.BIBLE removes this issue for anyone building their website or product using a .BIBLE domain name. This is because the acceptable use policy for anyone having a .BIBLE domain name requires a higher standard of them. This is exciting news for developers because now you can create a website or app with a Scripture API that is both reliable and scalable, and not be surprised down the road when your service takes off spreading the Bible globally.

Register a .BIBLE domain name today at, and start building something great, without limits.