On the weekend of October 21-23, 2016, Code for the Kingdom connected 12 cities around the world for a Global Hackathon that brought together hundreds of software developers, programmers, designers, creatives, and coders to work on over 30+ projects. One of the special moments was sharing in a group video chat with all 12 locations and to pray together in real-time!

The .BIBLE registry team (Pat Walker and DJ Chuang) was on-site at the Dallas location for this global hackathon and the .bible top-level domain was one of the sponsors for the entire global hackathon around the world to help raise awareness for this new digital neighborhood that seeks to be the trusted online source for all things Bible.

Among all the global hackathon projects posted at the devpost.com website, we were encouraged to see these projects related to the Bible:

Bible Chat– an accessible Alexa skill for people to discover the Bible

UBride automated Bible journal – An app with scripture in the local language and the ability to real time chat with Christians from their culture.

Scripture distribution for the Middle East – An app with scripture in the local language and the ability to real time chat with Christians from their culture

Gospelbot – A.I. that aims to spread the truth about Jesus’ life, God’s word, and what the gospel means for mankind.

Daily Liturgy – Chrome extension to easily access today’s Daily Office and check the current Church calendar

Moses Rod 3D Bible Adventure Game Programming Tutorial – Expand the Existing Moses Rod 3D Game Programming Tutorial for Kids & Teens to include RPG Inventory & Quests

The mission of .BIBLE is to encourage Bible engagement, translation, innovation, and global partnerships so that all people may experience the life-changing message of the Bible. And our team is eager to see many of these projects go from development as a prototype into a publicly-launched website or app to help more people engage with the Scriptures.

​When we learn of when these projects are launching, or other Bible website and apps getting launched, we’ll be sure to spread the word via our .bible blog at get.bible/blog!