You can find an available .bible domain name at one of the accredited .bible registrars—get a domain name that ends in .bible that’s memorablemeaningfulshorter, and available!

For the upcoming Code for the Kingdom hackathon, the .BIBLE Registry (operated by American Bible Society) will be awarding a .BIBLE domain name—with a value up to $10,000—to the winning Bible-related project.

The winner will be able to choose any available .bible domain name to be associated with the project. What’s important is for the .BIBLE domain name to quickly convey the value of the project more than the market value of a domain name. By providing the opportunity to win a premium-priced .BIBLE domain name, the winner will choose from a larger number of available .BIBLE domain names.

You may notice that the retail price for .BIBLE domain names are higher than that of generic domain extensions like .com or .org. Just like .org domains are the trusted brand for nonprofits, .BIBLE domains are the trusted online source for all things Bible. Our higher price will help to defray the operating costs for managing the top-level domain and keeping it safe with content monitoring as well as encouraging .BIBLE domains to be actively used.

Some .BIBLE domain names have a premium price that were set by an independent third-party valuation process based on current market value. For more background, read this article, “Why Premium .BIBLE Domain Names Matter.”

In other words, not all domain names are equal. For example, these are some premium domain name that a hackathon winner may choose from:,,,,,,,,, and many more.

You can check on the availability and retail price of any .BIBLE domain name at one of the accredited .BIBLE registrars.